The Top Rated Sleep Apnea Dentist in St. Paul MN

It hasn’t been an easy road for Dr. Braga to become the best sleep apnea dentist in St. Paul, but her patients and credentials indicate she has indeed become just that.  Many folks don’t realize the important role a dentist plays in treating the deadly condition of sleep apnea.  Dr. Braga has for decades been helping people overcome their sleep apnea problems with the use of Oral Appliances.

She has spent years furthering her education to become the absolute best at what she does.  She is currently one of four certified Diplomates on the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine.  Becoming a Diplomate is no easy feat, you must first present to the board documentation of significant training in Dental Sleep Medicine.  Then one must submit a large number of completed cases for successful treatment of sleep apnea patients.  Once that criteria is met then a rigorous written exam must be passed before finally becoming a Board Certified Diplomate of the AADSM.

This distinction alone is quite rare for dentists to hold, but Dr. Braga has not stopped there she also owns one of two accredited Dental Sleep Clinics in Minnesota!  Accreditation is awarded when the facility adheres to strict treatment protocols and audited procedures for dental sleep medicine treatment.  There is an on-site audit done by the AADSM to finalize becoming an accredited facility.

While having all of these accolades is wonderful Dr. Bragas reputation amongst her patients is what she is most proud of.  That’s what really matters, is that people are getting quality treatment for a condition that is proven to shorten its’ sufferer’s lifespans. In the St. Paul area, she is now known amongst patients and the medical community as the top Dental Sleep Medicine practitioner in the area.

Anyone living in the St. Paul/Minneapolis area who is suffering from this condition should not hesitate to contact Dr. Bragas office for help.

Awareness for Sleep Apnea in California is on the rise!

The awareness for sleep apnea is rather low with the general public across the United States.  This is something that needs to change as it can greatly improve the health of this nation if more people realized they were suffering with a very serious sleep disordered breathing condition.

Most people just don’t understand that they are leaving themselves vulnerable to a malady of health problems by not seeking treatment.  In California however it seems that many more people are becoming aware of the deadly potential lurking in sleep apnea.  Dr. Bollinger, who treats sleep apnea in Newport Beach, has reported that a much larger percentage of her patient base is asking about this condition and what can be done about it.

California is a progressive state that always seems to be ahead of the curve so its not much of a surprise that its’ residents are becoming more aware that the snoring they hear from their partners is actually indicative of something much worse.

Dr. Bollinger is reporting that her patients are overjoyed when they realize how good they feel because they are actually getting proper sleep.  And on a personal note for many people getting proper treatment is now allowing them to comfortably sleep in the same bed as their spouse or partner once again!  Sleep apnea forces so many people to sleep in guest bedrooms or on the couch as the snoring will cause their partners to get terrible sleep as well.  Another side effect of getting good treatment is weight loss; most people do not know there is a link between gaining weight and getting unhealthy and poor sleep.

Sleep is essential to life and something that the body needs every day to maintain proper health; those with apnea end up having sleep harm them instead of help as its supposed to.  The point to be made is to seek treatment.

Plantation Sleep Apnea Doctor Howell Goldberg Helps Patients Seeking CPAP Alternative

goldbergDr. Howell Goldberg is a dentist living in South Florida who has put a strong emphasis on helping the local community treat sleep apnea.  Many of his current dental patients have no idea that he is able to help them treat their snoring and sleep apnea; in fact, most of his patients who suffer from sleep apnea don’t even realize they have it!

Sleep apnea effects an estimated 20 million Americans, but about 80% of these people are undiagnosed and have no idea this condition is harming them.  A tell tale sign of sleep apnea is snoring and by treating the apnea the snoring is also stopped!

Dr. Goldberg offers sleep apnea screenings and consultations to patients who think they or a loved one is suffering from this condition. His focus is to help those patients who refuse to wear the CPAP machine find an effective form of treatment through the use of an oral appliance.

For many people wearing an oral appliance is a much better alternative than having to don the CPAP mask every night. The appliance is custom fit to the patients bite and is comfortable to wear during sleep.  Most of Dr. Goldberg’s sleep apnea patients live in Plantation or Sunrise, FL although he does routinely see people come from Miami or even up to West Palm due to his years of expertise and Diplomate status with the AADSM.

If you’re suffering from this condition and live in South Florida than contact Dr. Goldberg here at

Why Is Sleep Apnea So Bad For You?

If you were to ask most people what they thought of sleep apnea many would know little to nothing and those that knew anything would probably mention snoring, and that’s it.  This is quite scary to be honest and the reason is because sleep apnea can kill!

Its been dubbed “The Silent Killer” for a reason, and with over 20 million Americans suffering from it, and 80% of those people not even knowing they have it… you can imagine this is becoming a major health epidemic.

So why is this condition such a health hazard? Let’s start with the fact that sleep apnea means “cessation of breath” which means you stop breathing while you’re asleep! That to me doesn’t sound very fun and it definitely doesn’t sound healthy.  The reality is it is the chain reaction to a great many bad events that take place in your body.

For starters sleep is supposed to be restorative and is necessary to enjoy a healthy balanced life.  Even if you eat well and exercise if you’re not getting quality sleep your health will deteriorate.  With sleep apnea instead of getting quality rest key organs in your body such as your heart are set to work overtime….this is not a good thing.

According to the American Heart Association (AHA) severe untreated sleep apnea is equivalent to smoking a pack of cigarettes a day to your heart.

So how do you actually stop breathing? This is a good question.  It starts with the muscles in your throat relaxing, particularly your tongue.  Once these muscles relax they can collapse in on the airway, thus restricting the natural airflow process of breathing.  Often times this constricted airway will result in the sound we know as snoring, this is when the air is vibrating through the collapsed airway.  That friction produces snoring.

For people with sleep apnea what will happen is this airway will close completely or almost completely.  When you stop breathing in your sleep you are both depriving your body of much needed oxygen while at the same time not expelling poisonous carbon dioxide!!

So as you can imagine while your body is being deprived of oxygen which organ is getting beat up the most…you guessed it the HEART! So many people die of heart attacks at an early age which could have been prevented had that person understood the damage being done to their heart on a nightly basis.

It’s not just heart attacks people with sleep apnea need to concern themselves with, the list of issues related to apnea extends to high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes and depression.  Perhaps equally as dangerous is the extreme daytime fatigue people with apnea suffer from.  Those who operate heavy machinery for a living are in great peril from daytime fatigue.

Each year there are thousands of accidents that take place because the driver fell asleep at the wheel or was too drowsy to drive correctly, many of these people are those who suffer from poor sleep due to sleep apnea.

The major problem here is that this serious life shortening condition is not well known to the general public, but it sure does affect a large portion of the general public.  The awareness of this condition needs to be raised, people need to recognize the tell tale symptoms of sleep apnea to be able to identify if their bed mate is suffering from it.

While snoring is a strong indicator apnea may be present the single largest symptom is that of gasping for breath.  The pattern will go gasping for breath followed by a period of silence and will repeat as such. What you’re witnessing when this happens is the person stop breathing followed by the brain involuntarily waking the person just enough to breath but not enough to become conscious of what’s actually happening.  Many people who do not have a bed mate may never be told of what’s happening while they are sleeping and they’ll just wonder why they feel like crap every day.

Many patients who seek treatment report feeling a million times better when they wake up and throughout the day, many patients also report a decrease in weight as their health improves.  Spiked energy levels help many patients begin exercising and eating better.

If you or someone you know may be suffering from sleep apnea the first step is to get a proper diagnosis, this is done by taking a sleep study which can be done at home or in a lab.  After a diagnosis has been made the sleep physician will discuss the various treatment options.  The three primary options are CPAP therapy, Oral Appliance Therapy and for some surgery.

If you’re reading this and fear you may have sleep apnea I urge you to seek medical attention, not only could you save your life but you will very likely stop snoring as well, and your bedmate will greatly appreciate that.